Friday, February 10, 2012

The Wonders Of Freifunk

Freifunk, another nice German word like kindergarten, realpolitik or doppelganger. Freifunk, or wireless community networks, is a global idea that is currently being very strongly developed in Germany. It pushes for free access to wireless networks and communication for everybody. Mostly these are neighborhood networks starting to grow from one person setting up a WiFi router and then connecting this to other peoples routers in the vicinity. 

The main objective behind these freifunk projects is making accessing networks and communications and of course the internet possible for everyone. May it be a pedestrian passing by with a mobile device or someone who cannot afford their own access to the net.

 These community networks set up for municipal use also present an alternative to commercial ISPs, mostly operated by volunteers. They do not always offer direct internet access and often focus on providing a local network as a type of virtual meeting point for the community. Modern, urban life does not have to be anonymous or expensive to participate in. Freifunk offers a new way to form a close-knit neibourhood from the comfort of one's own home or wherever you chose to put your laptop. 

More information about Freifunk or wireless community networks can be found at and also trusty old Wikipedia

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