Friday, February 10, 2012

Secret Ingredients?

Picture by Keenan Pepper 
Everybody knows about the wonderous "secret ingredient" in the famous "Coca-Cola" beverage. It is jealously guarded, yet there are enough competitors around selling dark, cola type fizzy drinks. Industrial espionage, clever flavour hacking or just simple common sense analyzing and re-creating the type of drink to sell with one's own recipe? All of this is realistic. Since there are so many different companies selling mostly the same type of drink, this has become more of a genre than a brand, with one red and white American company sticking out as the "originator". Most cola drinks do have thier own style and taste, may it be cheap, indie or just sugary mainstream bubbly, there is more than enough of this stuff around. 

It was only a matter of time for cola drinks to become something you can actually make at home like baking a cake or cooking up your own tomato soup. The Canadian software company Opencola developed its own recipe, just to publish it under a free license and make it possible for everyone to use the recipe free of charge or buy the finished product. This was thought to explain the nature of free free public licenses to the general public. The company though became more famous for the OpenCola soda cans than the software it produced. The company is now out of business, the fame for presenting an open source cola recipe, yet remains. 

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