Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming Soon: Datalove Dance Compilation

Datalove Day has been accepted quite well today, many people on Twitter have started to talk about the importance of sharing and how vital it is that culture is free instead of being locked behind legal bars. Carry on!

So that you can feel some groovy datalove, we hereby announce the release of the first DataloveDay Dance compilation tonight. Eight hand-picked tracks, of course published under the Creative Commons license, will be out for you to enjoy. This compilation is all about melodic groove and occasional vocals. There is a subtle nineties eurodance touch to it, mixed with electro vibes and the odd nod towards eighties synth pop. The download link for the compilation will be up in a few hours, including a full track list with full attributions. 

Looking forward to giving you more Datalove <3 

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